Book list

Suzuki course prescribed reading

Suzuki, S. 1983. Nurtured by Love. (Alfred Publishing)

Suzuki, S. 1981. Ability Development from Age Zero. (Alfred)

Suzuki. S. The Law of Ability

Suzuki, S. The Mother Tongue Method of Education

Hermann, E. 1981. Suzuki: The Man and His Philosophy (Alfred)

Collier-Slone, K. 1985. They’re Rarely Too Young to Twinkle (Shar)

Kreitman, E. 1998. Teaching from the Balance Point. (Western Springs Schools of Talent Education)

Casals, P. 1980. The Art of Interpretation.

Coyle, D. 2010. The Talent Code. (Arrow books)

Zander, R. 2002. The art of Possibility. (Penguin)

Additional reading:

Sprunger, E. 2005. Helping parents practice (Yes)

Zander, R. & B. 2000. The Art of Possibility (Penguin)